Scholarships & Grants

Promoting knowledge and appreciation of Italian culture in our community
is at the heart of the Vermont Italian Cultural Association's mission.

Each year VICA awards small grants and scholarships to support projects and endeavors consistent with VICA's mission.
The VICA Scholarship and Grants Fund encourages those who are seeking to broaden their knowledge of Italy, including the Italian-American experience, the Italian experience, its language, arts, music, history and culture to apply.


Trevor Biggs

Trevor graduated from UVM in 2019 with a degree in environmental studies. With a focus on sustainability, he traveled to Italy during his senior year to participate in an archaeological and agronomic research project at an ancient Roman villa in the commune of Mompeo. Trevor later traveled to Perugia to attend a three-week course at the Umbria Institute led by UVM Classics Professor Mark Usher. The course centered around the cultural history of the Romans and their early sustainability practices. A VICA grant helped Trevor fund his interest in exploring the connection between the ancient Roman culture and how to apply this to our future.

"My month in Italy allowed me to see the historical significance of the culture I learned so much about throughout my UVM studies. Working alongside Italian archaeologists and educators and seeing the immense passion they have for their country, their history, and their work, was an experience."


Hayley Malloy

The VICA grant enabled me to return to an archaeological field school in Italy where I excavated the remains of a thirteenth century church and interacted with the local towns people who had a direct lineal connection to those buried at the church. This grant helped me advance my archaeological knowledge as well as my passion for Italian culture and history. After conducting my research in Italy I eventually gained a position at the IRLAB Field School Pozzeveri I was attending and have continued to return to the school in the summers as its Student Program Coordinator.

Grant Recipient Testimonials

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