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Routes to Roots

Charlie' Gagliardi Family Farm.png

Storytelling: Gathering & Sharing

The Routes to Roots project began in 2016 as a way to preserve the stories connecting the Vermont Italian Cultural Association to Italy. Through accounts of family, travel, memorable discoveries and accomplishments, Routes to Roots honors our individual and collective Italian heritage.

The stories of our members are treasured. We encourage contributions of stories and memories to enrich our appreciation of the people and places that have shaped our Italian-American experience.

Read from our collection of stories
and learn how to submit your own

Our Founders and the beginning of VICA

Italian Roots

Members trace roots back to Italy and identity family origins.

Click on icons to see where members and their families are from.

Orange markers represent regions, and the blue circles are the specific cities and towns.

You can also click the icon in the upper left part of the map to get a drop down list of all the markers.

If you would like to be added to the Interactive Map, please send your
Name (family name if different), City or Town, and Region to


The goal of this project is to collect and share the Italian-American experience
and connections with Italy as told through members and former members of the Vermont Italian Cultural Association.

Contact Nicole Librandi, Routes to Roots Committee Chair for information on how to add your story.

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