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Over the years, VICA has hosted a series of storytelling events where members
have told their own stories and listened to those of others.
Enjoy these stories contributed by our members.

Here are some wonderful prompts suggested by Kristin D'Agostino,
The Vermont Folklife Center, NPR's Storycorps and Middlebury Moth-Up:

  1. How did you become interested in Italy?

  2. Share a story about a memorable Italian family gathering: a holiday celebration, wedding, funeral, etc.

  3. What was your most memorable travel experience in Italy?

  4. What do you know about the place in Italy that your family is from? Tell a story set in this place, one that's been passed down about your relatives, or one that you experienced firsthand on a visit there.

  5. Tell a story about your relationship with the Italian language, recounting misunderstanding or culture clash that involves dialect or language.

  6. Recall a favorite place you visited in Italy. Describe a favorite building, park, piazza or street and recount a story that took place there.

If you would like to share your Routes to Roots story please send
a digital version approximately 500 words or less to Nicole Librandi.
Please include a title for your story and feel free to send pictures to add.

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