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Burlington's Little Italy

Burlington once had its own "Little Italy", but that community was leveled during the heyday of urban renewal in the 1960s. Gone were more than 140 homes, businesses, gardens, community centers, a cathedral and schools.

It had long been a wish of Vermont Italian Cultural Association's co-founder, Dr. Ken Ciongoli to have this bygone neighborhood designated publicly so that now and in the future this once vibrant community would be remembered. Ken passed away in 2009, but to fulfill his dream, on October 8, 2011 we dedicated an official Vermont historic marker at the foot of College Street on the Battery Park Extension.

A year later a commemorative event was held at Burlington City Hall and City Hall Park where the Vermont Italian Cultural Association unveiled four interpretive signs for placement at the approximate boundaries of the 'old neighborhood.' These signs described features and local landmarks of "Little Italy."

In November, 2013 three signs were installed at the boundaries of the old neighborhood. A dedication ceremony was held that month in celebration at the Cathedral, followed by a walking tour to view the signs.  An article in Seven Days described these events; Lost and Found: Signs Reclaim Burlington's Historic Little Italy Neighborhood

Read Vermont historian Vincent Feeney's article on Burlington's Urban Core and the Italian immigrants who lived in this neighborhood.  The article is provided with permission from the author and the Chittenden County Historical Society.  

Poster & Interpretive Signs

The city of Burlington accepted three interpretive panels as a gift from VICA.
These signs were installed near the boundaries of Burlington's historic "Little Italy" neighborhood.

Future Past

Step into the past with the Augmented Reality GPS based reconstruction of each and every building that existed prior to urban renewal. ( You must be in close proximity to the exact location in order to view these materials.)

Enjoy a detailed interactive map and the Exhibits & Collections section which includes portraits, street views, demolition photos and other artifacts.

This collection of photos, stories, video and other firsthand data is an ongoing project.
We welcome all who have information regarding this area and the period of time up until 1968 to please contact or send materials here and we will add to the collection.

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