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Dr. Armand Citarella

1921 — 2015

Place of Birth: Naples, Italy

Italian Heritage: Naples, Campania

Significant Life / Work Experience: Professor of Classics and Humanities and soccer coach at St. Michael's College

History with VICA: Founding Board Member


Montecassino, Past & Present

Amalfi, An Ancient Society

Julius Caesar in the 19th Century

Amerigo Vespucci - The Other Explorer

"Dr. Citarella invited me to be one of the founders of VICA. Several of us were interested in uniting Italians and non-Italians in helping promote Italian culture. Armando was a cultured man, fluent in English, Italian and French. He taught Latin, Greek and other subjects at Saint Michael's College. Always well groomed, he was very well respected. I am glad he invited me to create VICA."

William Tortolano

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